Your Pet

Please read this information carefully.

We understand that giving up your dog is a very difficult decision. If you are considering such a thing you must be facing some hardship or struggles. We will do our best to help your dog but we ask for your honesty as to why your dog needs a new home. We also need you to be honest about your dog – please let us know about any health or behaviour issues.

We do not have a shelter or kennel for the dogs in our program. We have volunteer foster homes that care for our dogs. Most of our foster homes are in the Toronto area. If you have a specific timeline, we need to know. If you change your mind about giving up your dog or if you find a home on your own, please be considerate and notify us immediately. That will enable us to focus our energies on dogs that need our help.

Please fill out the surrender form about your dog. Be honest and accurate. We need to find a home that will match your dog’s unique personality and needs. This information will help us write an accurate description about your dog. Once we receive your surrender form, you will be contacted by email to set up a phone call. We will also need a few current photos of your dog. If we are able to accept your dog into our rescue program we will post your dog’s photo and description on our Petfinder page and our Facebook age. To view our dog listings, visit the Our Dogs page.

We are a small group of dedicated volunteers that work hard to find safe and loving homes for dogs. It is difficult to say exactly how long it will take to re-home your dog. Some adoptions happen very quickly while others take longer. Our adoption process is thorough and takes time. Potential adopters are interviewed, references are checked, and we complete a home visit. Once applicants are approved, we then allow them to meet the dog. We charge an adoption fee for our dogs. This helps to cover some of our costs (vetting, food, supplies) but more importantly is shows that the adopter is committed to the dog. People value things more when they pay for them. Dogs given away for free are more likely to be discarded and/or not properly cared for. It is in your dog’s best interest that we find adopters that are qualified to provide a wonderful home and can afford a dog.

If you find an adopter on your own, please try and follow these guidelines. Ask them the questions on our adoption application form - If they do not want to be interviewed you should be concerned! You should see their home, either in-person or virtually. If they do not want you to come to their home, you should be concerned!

You should never give your dog away for free. Adoption fees help cover the cost of our vet bills and foster care expenses, but it also shows the commitment involved in adopting and financially caring for a dog. Please visit the Paws with Heart website here to read about the dangers in giving your dog away for free.

By filling out this Surrender form, you consent to your information being shared with the rescue team at Adopt-a-dog/Save-a-life Inc.