About Us

Our Mission

Adopt-a-dog/Save-a-life Inc. is a registered charitable organization dedicated to saving abandoned dogs and placing them in loving and caring homes. We do not have a physical shelter - our dogs are all cared for by dedicated volunteer foster parents.

We are committed to saving dogs of all ages and breeds.

We are based in Toronto, Ontario. We give priority to dogs in animal shelters and puppy mills. When we are able, we assist dogs from private owners who are no longer able to care for their dog.

Our goal is to work with other animal rescuers and shelters to ensure that no dog is left at risk.We do not have a shelter. Our dogs are cared for in loving, volunteer foster homes. Our dogs receive all necessary vet care.

Our NO-KILL policy ensures that every dog in our program finds a forever home.

Our Founder & History

Grace Hall founded Adopt-a-dog/Save-a-life Inc. in 1980. In 1990 Grace was awarded the Ontario Medal for Good Citizenship. For the past 30 years, Grace and a small team of volunteers have worked tirelessly to save thousands of dogs.

We encourage all animal shelters and rescues to incorporate policies that would have all dogs spayed and neutered before they are put up for adoption.

Success Story


" We have always been avid dog lovers but after losing both of our family pets in January we decided to look for a rescue dog due to a friend's referral. We went onto Petfinder which led us to Adopt a Dog/Save a Life, where we found Cooper!  We were looking for a 2 year old dog that we could save and fit well with our family (not a puppy) we then saw this 3 month old cutie.. We fell instantly in love!! The Adopt-a dog Team was so helpful and encouraging.  Cooper's foster mom, Nicole, was so amazing and interested in finding a good home for him.  

After speaking live, we met Cooper as a family and knew he was a perfect fit!  Not only was everyone so helpful, but you ensure that a pet has a forever home!!! Cooper is now 10 months old and fits in perfectly with our family. He always likes to be near us and is so loving and kind!! He has totally filled in the gap we were feeling after losing our other pets. After pursuing this adoption process, we would adopt a rescue again in a minute!"

Dogs in Sanctuary

Adopt-a-dog/Save-a-life rescues dogs of all ages and breeds. We bring many dogs into our care that have serious health issues or are in their last stages of life. Some of our rescue dogs have anxiety issues or other behaviour challenges These dogs are in most need of our help. Sometimes these dogs come from shelters or vet clinics. Many times the owners could not afford their medical care. A loving and caring home is most essential for these special dogs.

While it is always our intention to find an adoptive home for all of our dogs, in some instances we feel it is in the best interest of the dog to stay in their foster home forever. Many of these dogs spend many months in a foster home waiting to be adopted – during this time they become very bonded to the foster parents. Sometimes we feel it is best they are not rehomed. They are well cared for by experienced foster parents who love them as their own. The rescue takes financial responsibility of these dogs.